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Shut Down in Erie County, PA

Posted by on Dec 11, 2013

December 11th 2013 for 36 Hours

Wednesday December 11th at 7AM EST until Thursday, for 36 hours, part of our Pennsylvania only pipeline system will be shut down.


This will affect all meters upstream of Union City, Erie County, PA.


We are rerouting certain pipelines at this site to facilitate more horse power.


We will do our outmost to reach out to each one of you directly.


However, if you read this and are not contacted or are uncertain as to its effects, please do not hesitate to call us.


Thank you for your understanding and hopefully you will see less pipeline pressure upstream of Union City after the work is completed.


The following meters need to be 100% curtailed starting 7:00 AM Wednesday December 11th until approximately 4:00 PM Thursday December 12th for a new station tie in to the pipeline at the Union City facility.


Operator 1:
-Wagner Dannic


Operator 2:
-PA Gamelands
-State Rd


Operator 3:
-Beagle Club


Operator 4:
-Tower Rd


Operator 5:
-Terrill Shearer
-Wagner Eastern


Operator 6:
-Miller GL


Operator 7:
-Banta Stedman


Operator 8:


We will be reaching out to field personnel by phone and will keep everyone posted if the project is finished ahead of schedule or if it is delayed.


Thank you and we appreciate your patience and business.


Kyle Rhoades


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