Unlocking New Opportunities in Natural Gas

Our Story

Emkey Gathering, LLC, a 100% owned subsidiary of Emkey Energy, LLC, is a 350-mile system of high-pressure steel pipeline spanning 2.1 million acres in western New York and northwestern Pennsylvania. The pipeline is situated in the northern Appalachian basin, an area of prolific gas production with over 11,000 wells drilled within its vicinity. Remaining recoverable reserves from the shallow formation for the area are estimated by the company to be more than 1.7 TCF.

The pipeline is constructed of coated steel averaging between 6 to 12 inches in diameter, all with industry standard cathodic protection for the pipe. Five strategically located compressor stations provide 3,290 BHP of compression. Whether delivering local gas into interstate pipelines or to points for local distribution, Emkey Gathering, LLC’s goal is to provide local producers with innovative, reliable, flexible, safe and quality services. As an example, Emkey Gathering, LLC has installed electronic flow meters (EFMs) for our producers connected to its pipeline. Producer delivery volumes can be retrieved as often as hourly from Emkey Gathering, LLC’s website. Emkey Gathering, LLC remains committed to the progress and prosperity of the community it serves. 

Company Concepts

– Keep local gas local

– Provide producers an outlet for gas sales in the immediate area

– Achieve higher value for the producers by our ability to move 100% of the producers’ deliverability all year around.

– Expand the pipeline to encourage drilling in areas previously unexplored due to a lack of  pipeline capacity; build pipelines to producers gas wells.

– Encourage deeper drilling in areas of close proximity to the gathering system.

– Reduce the detrimental effects of long haul transportation to consumers and producers.