About Our Company


EmKey Energy

We strive to provide value added services. We have in certain areas consolidated producers own gathering systems and compression as well as provided services such as natural gas processing with liquid extraction and fractionation, or central drying of gas, all for the benefit of improving the net back to our users.

Our aim is to be the preferred energy services provider in the Northwestern Appalachian region. This would allow our customers to focus on their upstream operations. Our Company will receive the gas, process and market the products and return a net back for value extracted. We want to be reliable, predictable and provide market opportunities. We have multiple major pipeline interconnections on our system today and are working to further increase this number. Multiple delivery points improve optionality on where gas is priced the highest. If pipelines are down for service or capacity constraints, EmKey’s aim is to provide options to move gas to other pipelines. This allows for more reliability on delivering and provide less shut-ins of production. We have also been instrumental in energy development projects with access to the reliable local market.

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