EmKey Gathering, LLC


EmKey Gathering

EmKey Gathering, LLC operates over 350 miles of high quality pipelines, compressor stations and other energy facilities in Northwestern Pennsylvania, Southwestern New York, and Northeastern Ohio. EmKey gathers and conditions natural gas from upstream companies through multiple receipt points for delivery into 10 different points. These delivery points include National Fuel Distribution New York and Pennsylvania, National Fuel Supply New York and Pennsylvania, Tennessee Gas Pipeline Zones 4 and 5, as well as a Power Plant in Jamestown, New York. EmKey prides itself on the flexibility that this number of delivery points provides to it’s customers.

EmKey strives to be the conduit to move locally produced natural gas to local consumption markets creating the highest value to it’s customers on both ends. EmKey Gathering, LLC also operates and maintains a landfill gas to electric plant and renewable natural gas plant in Chautauqua County New York.


Gathering System Footprint

EmKey Gathering, LLC, a 100% owned subsidiary of EmKey Energy, LLC, is a vast system of high-pressure steel pipeline spanning 2.1 million acres in western New York and northwestern Pennsylvania. The pipeline is situated in the northern Appalachian basin, an area of prolific gas production with over 11,000 wells drilled within its vicinity. Remaining recoverable reserves from the shallow formation for the area are estimated by the company to be more than 1.5 TCF.


Strategically Located

The pipeline is constructed of coated steel averaging between 6 to 12 inches in diameter, all with industry standard cathodic protection for the pipe. Strategically located compressor stations provide deliverability to multiple major pipeline interconnections. Whether delivering local gas into interstate pipelines or to points for local distribution, EmKey Gathering, LLC’s goal is to provide local producers with innovative, reliable, flexible, safe and quality services. As an example, EmKey Gathering, LLC has electronic flow meters (EFMs) and a web based database for producers connected to its pipeline. Producer delivery volumes can be retrieved as often as hourly from EmKey Gathering, LLC’s website. EmKey Gathering, LLC remains committed to the progress and prosperity of the community it serves.

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